Tips for Planning a Weekly Family Night

Planning a Weekly Family Night

Are you thinking about planning family nights? Some of the best memories for many people involve time spent with family. Whether they take a family vacation, uphold holiday traditions, or have weekly family nights, people cherish family gatherings of all kinds. While going on family vacations is a big adventure that always creates plenty of memories, smaller-scale weekly family nights shouldn’t be discounted. They are just as important in strengthening the bonds between family members. Weekly family nights can center on almost any activity. No matter what the family does together, the main point is that the family shares time with each other.

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Spizzico Menu Items That Are Perfect Around the Bonfire

Bonfire Pizza

Summertime is the time for barbecues, pool parties, and bonfires. Whether you’re setting up a bonfire on the beach with friends and neighbors or enjoying a nighttime fire while camping with loved ones at a national park, no bonfire is complete without delicious, hearty Italian food. That’s why so many Maryland residents order Spizzico Italian food for their upcoming summertime get-togethers. Take the stress off yourself when you order Italian food for pickup this summer season. From famous wings to authentic pizza, you can’t go wrong with Spizzico Italian cuisine.

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Red Pizza vs. White Pizza: A Deep Dive into Pies

Red pizza sauces vs white pizza sauce

Ah, one of the great debates about one of America’s favorite foods: red pizza vs. white pizza! Which is better? What’s the difference? It’s a debate with few worthy rivals, except the debate between pineapple-on-pizza lovers and haters. So what’s the story with the red vs. white pizzas that are served at the best Italian restaurants across the globe?

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Wine Pairing Tips for Pasta Lovers

wine pairing tips for pasta lovers

Feel-good pasta is a staple in many a home, where Aglio e olio or spaghetti marinara can make for a hearty meal in just minutes. You can even go all-out with homemade pasta if you have the time to spare. With a tossed salad and a bowl of breadsticks, you’ve got yourself a spread fit for a king. All you need is the perfect wine to complement your meal, and with just a few expert wine pairing tips, you can choose the right bottle every time.

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5 Classic Italian Herbs (and the Best Ways to Use Them)

5 Classic Italian Herbs

It is said that variety is the spice of life, and this is never more true than when choosing Italian spices to turn a plain-Jane pot of pasta or a cheesy pizza pie into a culinary treat to delight the taste buds. Of course, selecting the right spices to enhance the flavor profile is essential. While creativity and experimentation can be fun, you might not be very pleased with the outcome if you grab the sugar instead of the salt, for example. The good news is, certain groups of herbs and spices are often tied to a region and to the dishes native to that part of the world, making it easy to work out tasty flavor combos. When it comes to herbs, there are several classics that will make your Italian dishes positively sing, and many work great for other recipes, as well. Here are the top five you’ll want to add to your spice rack.

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Wedding Catering Choices to Decide Before the Big Day

Wedding Catering

So you’ve made the ever-so-important decision of who you’d like to spend the rest of your life with—congrats! Now comes a (fun) barrage of new decisions regarding your wedding day, covering everything from guest lists and venues to wedding catering.

Sometimes, having to make so many decisions in a relatively short period of time can feel overwhelming. However, you shouldn’t take your wedding catering choices lightly since most of your guests are looking forward to a nice meal as they celebrate your everlasting love.

Read on for some valuable details to keep in mind as you make your wedding catering choices.

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Beyond Spaghetti: 5 Delicious Italian Dishes Everyone Should Try

Italian Dishes You Should Try

When people think about Italian food, spaghetti is usually the first thing on their minds. It’s one of the most tried-and-true Italian dishes there is, after all. But as they say, variety is the spice of life. If you’re stuck on spaghetti, there are centuries worth of Italian dishes you can try. The pasta-bilities are endless (and they don’t all involve pasta)! Here are five amazing Italian meals that are just deliziose.

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A Thanksgiving Taste of Italy: Fresh Flavors for Your Feast

A Thanksgiving Taste of Italy

Every occasion is a good occasion for Italian food, although there are certain dishes that are particolarmente delizioso during the holidays. With Thanksgiving coming around, we can give you some great ideas. An Italian Thanksgiving dinner offers a breathtaking spread of hearty foods that will leave even the deepest appetite satisfied. Invite your family, your second cousins, and your cousin’s friends. You’re going to need them because the food you’re about to enjoy is going to be big, heavy, and delicious.

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Whoever Invented Ravioli Is a Genius

Whoever Invented Ravioli Is a Genius

When ravioli is on the tip of your fork, you may not be thinking about its history. Your mind is likely filled with other things (like cheese, meat, or vegetables, for example). But ravioli is a dish with a vast history, and like many Italian cuisines, they’re a labor of love. So how did the humble ravioli begin? And how did it end up on a plate at Spizzico Italian Kitchen? The path it took may surprise you… and leave you a little bit hungry.

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5 Awesome Autumn Dinner Party Ideas for Marylanders

dinner party ideas maryland

As summer comes to a close and autumn invites that slight chill to the air, there comes a sense of togetherness best exemplified by dinner plans. Whether you’re hoping to invite your family over for a quiet indoor dinner at home or you’ve been struck by a sense of adventure, having a few dinner party ideas in your pocket is essential. If you happen to be in Maryland this Fall, here are a few things you can keep in mind when figuring out what you should do for dinner.

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