Tips for Planning a Weekly Family Night

Some of the best memories for many people involve time spent with family. Whether they take a family vacation, uphold holiday traditions, or have weekly family nights, people cherish family gatherings of all kinds. While family vacations are a big adventure, smaller-scale weekly family night events can also be memoriable. They are just as important in strengthening the bonds between family members.

Weekly family nights can center on almost any activity. No matter what the family does together, the main point is that the family shares time together. So, are you thinking about planning family nights? Here are some reasons why you should and ideas to get you started.

The Benefits of Having a Weekly Family Night

As time passes and children grow up through adolescence, it can be difficult for families to find common ground. However, family night can pull the family together and keep everyone connected despite busier schedules and differing interests. This is probably the biggest reason to have a family game night. Another significant benefit can be the traditions that come from weekly gatherings. Studies show that traditions are influential in children’s happiness, especially when they grow into adulthood.

In addition, weekly family get-togethers give family members something to look forward to each week. When people have something to look forward to, the thought can keep spirits and moods up, especially through weeks that are more challenging than others. The memories created during family nights will last a lifetime as opportunities to talk with each other open up. When children spend more time with their families, they are less likely to engage in dangerous behaviors such as substance abuse and violence.

Planning Family Nights: What to Do

The best activities for these nights are low-key, fun, entertaining, and appealing. You might also consider planning the family nights together. This way, everyone can enjoy the activities. Following are some of the most popular activities you’ll want to consider when you’re planning family nights:

Playing Board Games or Video Games

Video games and board games create opportunities for laughter, teamwork, excitement, and friendly competition. Playing games together builds interpersonal skills and emphasizes the importance of taking winning and losing in stride while keeping a good attitude.

Watching a Movie Together

When the family watches a good movie together, complete with some snacks and comfy seating, everyone can share the same experience. Shared experiences increase the number of things family members have in common. You can pick a family favorite or share your childhood favorites with your kids.

Making Dinner Together

Making dinner together is a fun activity that can teach several different culinary skills and create laughter, a sense of accomplishment, and opportunities for teamwork. You might choose to follow a recipe for an easy pasta dish or learn how to make a great-tasting pizza at home. No matter what you cook, it’s bound to be a memorable experience.

Going Mini Golfing or Bowling

Physical activity is always a winning choice for families. This is especially true if parents have been stuck behind a desk at work all week and kids have been in school. Getting up and moving together is a great way to grow as a family while stressing the importance of good health.

Choose Your Experience and Make Memories

Family nights foster a sense of belonging and togetherness between family members, improving peoples’ general well-being. There is sure to be plenty of laughter during these get-togethers, and laughter has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. Regular family fun times reduce sibling rivalry, too, so take some time this evening and start planning family nights! Looking for some great food to add to your weekly get-togethers? Order online from Spizzico Italian Kitchen!