What to Include in the Perfect Italian DIY Holiday Gift Basket

Gift baskets can get a bad reputation as one-size-fits-all. However, we are here to say that doesn’t have to be the case. We want to help bring back gift baskets but in a more personal way (and with an Italian twist!) Thoughtful gift-giving is part of the fun of the holiday season. Maybe you have a loved one that is proud of their Italian heritage or is simply a big fan of all things Italian culture and food. If so, they’re sure to love an Italian DIY holiday gift basket.

Not only can you customize this gift for each person on your list (they like red wine or white?) but you can also support local small businesses. A DIY holiday gift basket is a great way to let your creativity shine. Here are some simple items we suggest including to make it authentic.

Antipasto Items

Antipasto is a huge part of the authentic Italian meal experience. These items are designed to be consumed before the main course and can include olives, artichokes, meats, cheese, and more. Although, we recommend buying jarred items if you won’t want to worry about refrigeration. Still, if you can manage to get some salami, procuttio, or some yummy Italian cheeses, it’s always a hit!

You might also want to consider olive oils and Italian herbs. While they aren’t always the most obvious choice, they are practical and will always get used.

Italian Wine

A decadent Italian meal simply isn’t complete without some great wine to go with it. Not only does Italian wine pair well with antipasto and main courses but it also elevates the appearance of any DIY holiday gift basket, whether you opt for red or white wine. You can also include other wine-related accessories in your gift basket. For example, customized bottle stoppers, wine openers, and wine glasses.

Wine isn’t the only beverage you can include. Actually, more Italian than wine is coffee. It’s hard to meet an Italian who doesn’t start off their day with a delicious and authentic local coffee. You can pick your friend’s favorite or add some Expresso.

Gift Certificates

Italian food lovers are sure to love cooking at home, but sometimes, a nice meal out can be a much-needed break. You can provide the lovely experience of a fine meal out on the town by including a Spizzico Italian Kitchen gift certificate in your DIY holiday gift basket.

Your loved one is sure to appreciate the gesture and will undoubtedly have a memorable experience enjoying their favorite Italian dishes at an authentic restaurant. Spizzico even offers shirts for a fun additional gift!

Pretty Pasta

No Italian DIY gift basket is complete without at least one bag of pasta. The great part is, there isn’t a wrong choice! You can pick your loved one’s favorite based on a dish they love or just choose pretty-looking pasta. There are a lot of different kinds of pasta to choose from. If we had to make any recommendations, we’d say make sure they are yellow.

Sounds funny, but really, noodles should have egg in them and be a bit more yellow when they are dry. You can also include a nice jar of sauce to pair with the pasta.

Italian Sweets

As rich and savory as many of the items are, don’t forget those with a sweet tooth. Most Italians love their dessert. You can go with a variety of different cookies and candies. They can be from a local Italian market or just something chocolate your loved one enjoys. We personally wish you could include our cannolis, but those are best eaten right away. 🙂

Start Your Italian DIY Holiday Gift Basket Today!

We hope this helps you get started on your gift-giving this season. The most important rule is to have fun! Include things that make it personal and from the heart. After all, it’s the effort that counts. And if you’d like to add a special something from us, we have gift certificates and shirts that make perfect items for any gift basket or stocking stuffer.

Also, think about us when planning your next holiday event. We cater!