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Love Spizzico as much as us? Get a shirt! From sponsored shirts to just plain funny, you can have them all. All our shirts come in sizes small to large. There are also available in red, black, green, and blue. (Except ‘Legalize Marinara’ only comes in red.) In addition, unless noted otherwise, all shirts are only $15.00! See below to see the different designs.

Spizzico T-Shirt - Front
Spizzico T-Shirt - Front

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    Back Options

    Spizzico T-Shirt - Pizza Monday
    Is it Pizza Monday Yet? - Back
    Spizzico T-Shirt - How I Cut Carbs
    How I Cut Carbs - Back
    Spizzico T-Shirt - Penne For Your Thoughts
    Penne For Your Thoughts - Back
    Spizzico T-Shirt - Slice Slice Baby
    90s Throwback: Slice Slice Baby (Pictures) - Back
    Spizzico T-Shirt - Size Matters
    Of course size matters... no one wants a small pizza! - Back
    Spizzico T-Shirt - Legalize Marinara (Back Only)
    Legalize Marinara - Back AVAILABLE IN RED ONLY - $20
    Spizzico T-Shirt - Youth Size
    Baby Onesie - $8

    Other Options

    Spizzico T-Shirt - Fueled By Spizzico
    Your Organization Name Here (Front)
    Spizzico T-Shirt - Your Organization Name Here
    Your Organization Name Here (Back)
    Spizzico T-Shirt - Pizza Is the Answer (Front)
    No Matter What the Question... (Front)
    Spizzico T-Shirt - Pizza Is the Answer (Back)
    Pizza Is the Answer (Back)