Tips for Eating Out and Staying Healthy

eating out and staying healthy heart

If you’re trying to eat healthily now and in the new year, you can still enjoy a meal at your favorite restaurants. You may have to make a few adjustments to your food choices, however, those choices can be just as delicious and fulfilling. With a few simple tips, you can feel confident that eating out and staying healthy is an easy feat. and staying healthy is no issue. 

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5 Pizza Favorites at Spizzico

pizza favorites cheese

Melding the traditional flavors of Italy with American favorites, Spizzico handcrafts delicious pizzas using only the freshest ingredients available. Truth be told, our menu boasts quite a few pizzas. So, if you’re having trouble picking just one, we totally understand. To help narrow down your choices, we’ve listed our top five pizza favorites. 

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Traditional Italian Holiday Foods

Italian holiday foods appetizer

All Italian holiday meals are centered around the family being together and celebrating. And, religious significance often plays a role in holiday traditions as well. On Christmas Eve, most traditional Italian meals celebrate the Feast of the Seven Fishes. As the name implies, this traditional meal involves several types of seafood and has its roots in Christianity. But, while the traditional Italian Christmas Eve celebration centers on fish, the typical Italian Christmas Day lunch incorporates more meat, pasta, and vegetables. Let’s explore some mouth-watering traditional Italian holiday foods that encompass the holiday season.

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The Story of Spaghetti and Meatballs

spaghetti and meatballs feature

Ahhh, Spaghetti and Meatballs. It’s a dish that instantly warms the hearts of families all across America. The chewy noodles and comforting taste of tomato sauce, meat and cheese form the perfect combination. But, do you know where spaghetti and meatballs come from? We’ll give you a hint: it’s not Italy.

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Everybody Loves Pizza

everybody loves pizza Spizzico

If pizza isn’t your favorite food, it should be. There is practically no better combination than bread, tomato sauce, and cheesy goodness baked to perfection. So, if you find yourself craving comfort food, Read More >

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