To Pineapple or To Not: A Pizza Debate

One of the biggest debates of the 20th century is pizza-related. Nearly everyone can agree that pizza is amazing. It’s the perfect meal for parties and movie nights, and you can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Not to mention, when you don’t feel like cooking, pizza is always there. But, this slice of cheesy goodness has sparked a debate that rages on with no end in sight. And so, the age-old question remains: Is pineapple a suitable pizza topping? If you’ve ever tried it, you probably know where you stand. Most people either hate pineapple pizza or they love it. And, both sides have their reasons. Let’s take a look at each argument and settle this pizza debate once and for all.

Pineapple Lovers

pizza debate 1When asked why they love pineapple on pizza, most would say, “because it tastes good.” It’s just that simple. But, more specifically, they like the balance of sweet and salty. When the sweetness of pineapple combines with the saltiness of the ham, cheese, and tomato sauce, it’s a match made in heaven. Others just like pineapple in general, so adding it to pizza only makes sense.

Plus, it’s something different. We’ve been eating pepperoni and sausage on pizza for decades. So, why not branch out and try something new? There are so many possibilities with pineapple. It makes a great standalone topping, but it also tastes great with other pizza toppings. Ham and pineapple are the classic duo, although pineapple also pairs well with pepperoni, sausage, bacon, chicken, olives and more.

And finally, pineapple is a fruit, which means it’s healthy! It’s high in vitamin C. Plus, it can also help ease digestion and even increase weight loss. With so many benefits, what’s not to love about pineapple on pizza?

Pineapple Haters

Well, for one, it’s messy. People who don’t like pineapple on pizza will tell you it’s just too juicy. Also, the texture doesn’t match up with pizza. But mostly, they don’t like the way it tastes. And, they’d rather stick to the classics, like pepperoni or mushrooms.

Not to mention, since when does fruit belong on a pizza? The only fruit topping that goes with pizza is tomatoes since pizza sauce is made from tomatoes. And, it’s true that we don’t typically see fruit on pizza. Vegetables, yes, but not fruit. For example, would you put watermelon or peaches on pizza? Definitely not.

Lastly, anti-pineapple people think pineapple and cheese should never mix. As Buzzfeed points out in their recent pizza debate, this combination doesn’t work. You don’t see anyone eating a slice of cheese with pineapple chunks. Ever. But, does that mean pineapple shouldn’t go on a pizza?

You Decide

So, what do you think? To pineapple or not to pineapple? We’ll let you be the judge. No matter what topping you like, Spizzico’s Italian Kitchen in Arnold, MD has your back. Stop in today to order your favorite pizza. And, if you haven’t tried pineapple on pizza yet, what are you waiting for? You might just like it.