Everybody Loves Pizza

If pizza isn’t your favorite food, it should be. There is practically no better combination than bread, tomato sauce, and cheesy goodness baked to perfection. And, we have Italy to thank for the heavenly food that so many us happily consume. So, if you find yourself craving comfort food, a slice of pizza should do the trick. Everybody loves pizza, and here’s why.

1. According to Science, it’s Addictive

Unsurprisingly, the most addictive foods are thought to be pizza, chocolate, cake, and French fries. These foods contain fats, sugars, and carbs and are more quickly absorbed by the body. Simply put, pizza makes our brains happy! Whatever the scientific reason, we know we love pizza, and that’s good enough for us.
everybody loves pizza Spizzico

2. We  Carbs

Carbs are both filling and fulfilling, and pizza perfectly captures both. Because what kind of person doesn’t like pizza? A weirdough that’s who. #DadJokes Plus, if you’re starving, pizza sounds and tastes like a little piece of heaven. Every. Single. Time. And, sometimes even a frozen pizza is still okay too. But, cauliflower crust pizza… let’s not go there. That’s rude.

3. Leftovers Please

Pizza for breakfast is just as good if not better than it was the night before. Eating it in the morning is often more satisfying too, wouldn’t you agree? You can reheat it in the oven, microwave it, or eat it cold. Suffice to say; we appreciate how versatile the food is. Good lookin’ out, pizza.

4. All the Toppings

First, there’s the meat! Everything from bacon and ham to chicken, pepperoni, and sausage. Then, there are the healthy vegetables like bell peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, onion, mushrooms, and black olives. Or, you can get creative and add some ‘controversial’ toppings like pineapple, artichoke hearts, and anchovies. Hey, we don’t judge.

5. It’s There for You

Pizza knows when we need a helping hand. Whether you burnt dinner, got home late from a night out, or flat out don’t feel like cooking, pizza is there for you. It always has been, and it always will be. Isn’t that beautiful?

Now, we have just one question…

Everybody love pizza