Why Detroit Style Pizza is Making a Comeback

Pizza has a long history. The first documented pizzeria in the United States didn’t spring up until 1905, but pizza’s popularity has only grown since. These days, there are 350 slices of pizza sold every second in the US. No matter how you slice it, Americans love pizza. Whether you’re a fan of thin crust, deep dish, a classic New York slice, or Detroit-style pizza, there is no right or wrong way to eat it.

The History of Detroit-Style Pizza

Detroit style pizza was created 75 years ago on the east side of Detroit, at a restaurant called Buddy’s Rendezvous. Owner Gus Guerra hit up local automotive plants, borrowing forged steel pans used in manufacturing that would end up creating the light, crispy crust now associated with Detroit-style pizza.

Typically, pizza toppings get placed directly on the dough, allowing for the flavors to be absorbed. This style of pizza is unique for its iconic square shape, backwards layering of toppings, and extra crunchiness, as well as its double-proofed dough. Influenced by, but not duplicating, a traditional Sicilian-style pizza, this pie style has a flair all its own.

The shape and topping order aren’t the only differences between traditional and this style of pizza. Guerra also skipped the use of mozzarella, the most popular pizza cheese, in favor of a special-made Wisconsin brick cheese – and topped off the whole thing with three stripes of marinara sauce.

Thus, a new style of pizza was born.

The New Spizzico’s Detroit-Style Pizza is Here

Detriot Style PizzaGus Guerra’s uniquely iconic pizza style has since spread, engaging pizza lovers everywhere. In a city overrun with dollar slices, Neapolitan, and Sicilian pies, Spizzico’s Detroit-style pizza is the new kid in town. Here’s why it’s good:

1. The Texture

The crust is much airier in texture than a traditional Sicilian pie. This allows for a delightfully chewy and light crust that resembles focaccia. Baking in a deep-dish pan creates a crispy layer on the underside of the crust.

2. The Taste

The cheese is the first ingredient to stand out, taste-wise. Wisconsin brick cheese blend is a tangy white American cheddar cheese that has a higher fat content than mozzarella. It is remarkably soft, and better to melt. The high-fat content in the cheese is crucial in order to create Detroit-style pizza’s signature crisp edges.

The sauce is just as critical. Due to its placement on top of the pizza, rather than under the cheese, it can’t be too loose or runny. Marinara sauce for this style of pizza veers toward a sweeter flavor profile, providing a good contrast to the acidity of the cheese.

3. The Aesthetic

Detroit-style pizza has a lot of standout features. The motif of melted Wisconsin cheese blend, stripes of marinara, and blackened edges of crispy cheese creates its iconic look.

Depending on your toppings, the variety of contrasting textures and colors can create either a rustic or gourmet aesthetic. Don’t worry – every Detroit-style pizza is Instagram-able.

Ordering Pizza Tonight? We’ve Got You Covered!

As any pizza fan knows, the debate over the finest slice in town can be intense. Spizzico’s has created an authentic Detroit-style pizza that you and your family are going to love. Whether you like plain cheese or meat lovers’ pizza, Spizzico’s pizza is for you. You’ll find all your favorite kinds here. Ready to order? Call us to place your order at 443-214-5121 in Arnold, Maryland.