Why Calzones Are Seriously Underrated Deliciousness

The calzone, which amusingly translates to “pant leg”, began its origins in Naples, Italy in the 1700’s. It is typically a half-moon pocket of dough filled with ricotta and mozzarella cheeses and other pizza-like meats and veggies. Sounds delicious, right? Of course it does. So, why is it that calzones are often overlooked?

Needless to say, we already know that everyone loves pizza. In a recent poll, 83% of Americans sat that they eat pizza at least once a month. Conversely, the underrated and often overlooked stepchild, the calzone, doesn’t even make a list! Now, let’s get to the bottom of this mystery and take a look inside the seriously underrated deliciousness of the calzone.

The Case For The Calzone

Spizzico calzones

First and foremost, convenience! The half pizza, half sandwich is designed to be eaten with one hand. Even more, there’s no need to do the folding, because it’s already done for you. Need we say more?

Not to mention, you can add more fillings than pizza. The structure of the calzone and the thickness of the dough allow for a weightier blend of meats, cheeses, and veggies. And, unlike pizza, the water content of the fillings doesn’t need to be taken into account. Interestingly, that’s why calzones are often filled with creamy ricotta, which is too watery for pizza.

Speaking of Fillings…

If you can dream it, you can put it in a calzone. And, that includes sauces, too. Most calzoni are served with the sauce on the side for maximum dipping enjoyment. So, not only can you choose which sauce you prefer but how much sauce you like as well. For the most part, it’s traditionally served with marinara, but other options may include ranch, barbecue, and hot sauce.

Here are just a few delicious filling ideas for your calzone:

  • BBQ Chicken Calzone: Rotisserie chicken, bbq sauce, red onion, mozzarella
  • Philly Cheesesteak Calzone: Thinly sliced cooked steak, sautéed onions, Swiss cheese
  • Hawaiian Calzone: Cubed cooked ham, red onion, pineapple, pizza sauce
  • Breakfast Calzone: Scrambled egg, sautéed onions and peppers, cooked crumbled sausage, cheddar cheese
  • Pulled Pork Calzone: Pulled pork, coleslaw, bbq sauce
  • Thanksgiving Calzone: Leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce

The Case for Pizza

We would be remiss not to show some much-deserved respect for the beloved Italian classic, pizza. Everybody loves pizza at the end of the day. Here are just a few reasons why:

calzones gif

  1. Appearance – Let’s face it, the calzone isn’t as sexy as the pizza. You can’t see all the yumminess hidden inside. Whereas pizza just puts it all out there for the world to see! Like that girl Becky in high school that your mom told you to stay away from.
  2. Shareability – There is a reason no one has “calzone parties” growing up. Calzoni (the plural of calzone) aren’t really meant for sharing. It’s a personal experience and no one really bonds over a calzone.
  3. Familiarity – Almost everyone has memories involving pizza. Remember those good times at Chuckee Cheese? All in all, our love of pizza has been instilled inside of us since we were little. Calzoni, not so much.

Overall, no matter which you prefer, it’s about time we gave the humble calzone some much needed love. Also, as fans of the show Parks and Recreation, you know just how much Ben Wyatt loves calzones. As a matter of fact, he vehemently prefers them over pizza.

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