How to Celebrate Labor Day in 2020

If you told us in January how 2020 would go, we would have thought you were kidding. There was a global pandemic that shut down everything, from schools to small businesses like ours. We all had to navigate quarantine, less social contact, and many other lifestyle changes. Now, with September fast approaching, we are wondering what holidays, like Labor Day will look like. So, we decided to put on our thinking caps and come up with some solutions – 2020 style. Here are some fun and innovative ways to celebrate Labor Day weekend this year.

Staycation Style

Celebrate Labor Day

Read a book, build a fort, or have a tea party. Make it memorable not by the amount of money you spend but the time you spend with family.

Labor Day is about taking a break. It was created as a national tribute to the American workers and what we contribute to this country. Also, many people use this as the unofficial last weekend of summer. Off work and the last opportunity to relax – combined, this is a major travel holiday. However, in 2020, this might not be as doable this year. So, we recommend staycationing it!

This doesn’t mean you need to stay at home. Actually the opposite. Consider camping nearby, house-sitting, or Airbnb. It might seem silly to spend money on going to stay at a place in the same town, but it can be refreshing. Not to mention, it breaks up the weeks and months we have been in our own houses.

Here are some other staycation tips:
  • Try not to cook. Order out and/or plan ahead so you can relax. Get food from a new restaurant or order a family favorite. Whatever you do, make it so you aren’t in the kitchen constantly.
  • Finish as many chores before the weekend. Do the prep work beforehand so you aren’t worried about it. Consider treating yourself to a cleaning crew to do it for you.
  • Pick a theme. This could be family-friendly or just for two. You can do an indoor spa day, or be explorers. It can help determine everything from food to activities.
  • Turn off the devices and spend time with your family. Maybe have a game night, or look up at the stars. Think about building a fort or even some crafts. If you do cook, make something together.
  • Put on a talent show or do a Powerpoint Party. No matter your age, you can have fun. You can even involve family online so it feels like you are all together.

No matter what you do, just have fun. Take a break, and don’t be too serious about a schedule this Labor Day weekend.

Throw a Party

Celebrate Labor Day - Small Dinner Party

Sometimes just a handful of friends and a patio is a great way to wind down for Labor Day.

Okay, not like years past. Consider just getting together with a small group of family and friends. Maybe go boating or have a BBQ. It can be just as great, if not even better than past Labor Day parties.

How? Well, if you really think about the big parties, how many people do you actually get to talk to? Especially if you are hosting… You walk around making sure everyone is okay. Sometimes you don’t get to really enjoy the party itself. With a smaller group, it is easier to connect and have fun.

Here are some great small parties to consider:
  • Host an intimate dinner party. Unlike major holidays, like Thanksgiving, you aren’t expected to make a full-course meal. After all, it’s really about the company, not a big meal. Consider catering so you don’t have to cook.
  • Have a wine-tasting party. Grab a handful of wines for people to taste with a charcuterie board or two. Better yet, tell everyone to bring a bottle of wine. You can assign a type or give a theme (example: Wines With Funny Names or Nearby Local Wineries).
  • Stream a movie outside. Get a white sheet and a projector. Show a new release or a throwback. Grab blankets and pillows or lawn chairs. Of course, just make sure to have bug spray, it is Maryland after all.
  • Throw a water park party. Not sure if this will work since it recently has been non-stop rain, but if the sun comes back and our yards dry up, grab a sprinkler. Or, water balloons and water guns. Bonus points if you have a slip-n-slide.

Just keep it simple though. Don’t get too fancy. Sometimes life-size Jenga and cornhole with a few friends are all you need. Just make sure to stay safe and review the CDC’s list of recommendations for small gatherings. Overall, don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with and be transparent with your guests on who else is invited.

Stay Safe This Labor Day

In the end, no matter what you decide to do to celebrate Labor Day this year, stay safe. This isn’t just about COVID-19 either. Labor Day is notoriously hot and many people get dehydrated. Also, make sure to wear that sunscreen. You will thank yourself later.

And, if you find yourself craving some Italian food or pizza, give us a ring. We have delicious calzones and plenty of other non-pizza favorites. Although, we are always here for a classic pizza party too. Have fun celebrating your Labor Day weekend.