5 Awesome Autumn Dinner Party Ideas for Marylanders

As summer comes to a close and autumn invites that slight chill to the air, there comes a sense of togetherness best exemplified by dinner plans. Whether you’re hoping to invite your family over for a quiet indoor dinner at home or you’ve been struck by a sense of adventure, having a few dinner party ideas in your pocket is essential. If you happen to be in Maryland this Fall, here are a few things you can keep in mind when figuring out what you should do for dinner.

1.  A Traditional Italian Dinner with a Side of Cornhole

Nothing beats a few plates of pasta, meatballs, and chicken parm with the family. Except for an Italian dinner with the family, and a few games, too. Eat your food on the deck or patio to give those lawn chairs one last hurrah for the fall, and break out the cornhole set for those few family members that are way too competitive. You know the ones. Eat to your heart’s content and laugh every time someone misses a trick shot they were sure they’d sink.

2.  Spice Things Up with Old Bay

Dinner doesn’t need to be an event, but it definitely should taste good. With Old Bay seasoning, you can elevate just about any dish, whether it’s seafood or pizza. It brings to life those sweet and savory flavors while adding just a little bit of heat. From food to drinks, there is plenty of Old Bay-inspired fun to bring to your dinner party.

3.  Go Cupcake Hopping

Whether you’re visiting Maryland this Fall or you live there, you might notice that there are quite a few cupcake shops around. In fact, Maryland boasts the most cupcake shops of any state in the country. We’re not entirely sure why, but it’s pretty sweet. While it’s not strictly a dinner plan, it’s no secret that dessert follows closely after. So why not plan for it?

Take a stroll downtown and find your favorite cupcake shop, or bring some cupcakes home ahead of dinner so that you’re ready for dessert.

dinner party ideas

Dinner parties don’t always have to be fancy, they can be fun! Cornhole is a great Maryland pastime.

4.  Get Out On the Water

You might not have a boat, but you probably know someone who does. That’s why you should throw together a fancy dinner and mildly suggest that a small excursion might be nice. Get out on the water, feel the wind in your hair and the gentle spray of the bay before the cold weather rolls in.

5.  Time Travel

When you can’t think of any new dinner party ideas, think back. No, we can’t help you travel through time, but the Maryland Renaissance Festival can. Ren Fest is a wild event that takes its guests back to a wholesome version of medieval times. There’s swords, jousts, blacksmiths, and, most importantly, a swath of exotic foods to feast upon until you are absolutely full. Take your friends and family, get some Canterbury Pork Pockets, and watch knights cross swords for your entertainment.

Bonus Idea: Get a Hearty Meal at Spizzico Italian Kitchen

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Dinner Party Ideas With Spizzico

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