How to Throw an Authentic Outdoor Italian Dinner Party

Summer is here, which is the perfect time to plan an outdoor event with family and friends. Whether to celebrate the gorgeous weather or a special occasion, all are good reasons to have a party. While potlucks and BBQs are summer classics, an outdoor dinner party is a great way to change things up. After all, who doesn’t love some classic Italian food and wine? Here are some tips to make your outdoor Italian dinner party as authentic to the old country as possible.

An Italian Dinner Party Must-Have: Wine

It’s no secret that an Italian meal isn’t complete without the best wine to complement the dishes. Of course, your guests might be delighted with any red or white wine you pick from the liquor store. However, a truly authentic outdoor Italian dinner party will pay close attention to the type of wine. You can go one step further than just choosing which wine varietal. You get as specific as choosing a bottle based on where the wine was made.

Picking Out Italian Wines (DOC)

All kinds of Italian meals pair with different wines, including red, white, rosé, and prosecco. However, the wine’s region of origin can add an extra flair to your authentic outdoor Italian dinner party. So as you’re choosing the wine for your event, look out for the DOC on the bottle. DOC stands for the denominazione di origine controllata, which translates to the “controlled designation of origin.”

DOC means that the wine is made in a region in Italy specific to winemaking and developed under traditional winemaking practices. Some common DOC wines include Valpolicella of Veneto and Montepulciano d’Abruzzo.

Create an Inviting Atmosphere

The delicious food that you’ll serve at your outdoor Italian dinner party is the obvious priority as you’re in the planning stages of your event. However, the atmosphere of an Italian garden party makes a huge difference in your guests’ experience.

  1. Try setting up one long table instead of multiple small ones to make your dinner party as authentic Italian as possible. This helps to centralize the conversation so that no one feels left out, and everyone gets to connect.
  2. Add outdoor-themed decorations like flowers and plants to the table. Soft outdoor lighting goes a long way as well. Try lanterns, candles, and string lights that can add to the romantic atmosphere of the occasion. Even if you have a large group, more personal elements add to the intimacy of the dinner party.
  3. Keep it casual. Consider adding the food all at once to the table or have friends and family help bring out the main course. A good time should feel organic, not scheduled, don’t have a strict timeline.

Overall, catering does help because the true test of an authentic Italian dinner party is spending time talking with friends and family. If you do decide to cook, include your guests in the process. It’s the Italian way.

Provide Still and Sparkling Water Options

Another easy way to add authentic Italian flair to your dinner party is to offer still or sparkling water, or as they say in Italy, naturale o frizzante. You’ll never see a glass of water far from the wine and food at an Italian dinner. Water is essential for hydration, especially if your outdoor event takes place during the heat of the day and there is wine.

Hire an Authentic Italian Caterer for Your Outdoor Italian Dinner Party

You can’t get more authentically Italian at your garden party than by working with a local caterer who truly knows Italian cuisine inside and out. When you trust a professional to handle your Italian dinner party, from antipasti to entrees and everything in between, you can relax, enjoy yourself, and revel in the Italian flair with your guests.

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