How to Make Your Favorite Sauces at Home

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We love homemade Marinara. It’s a great base sauce if you are looking to start making sauces at home. Try this recipe from

Think about the last time you ate your absolute favorite Italian meal. Wasn’t it glorious? The heavenly aroma of basil and roasted tomato rising in sumptuous steam from the plate to assault your nostrils. The burst of flavors—robust herbs, creamy parmesan marinara, sharp garlic, rich mozzarella. If only you could make those sauces at home. Why does that have to be so hard to make? Here’s a secret: it’s not!

Think you need lots of time and money to make quality sauces? Think again. All you need is a good, quick recipe with inexpensive ingredients. Those can be hard to find, so we’ve done the work for you. In this guide, you’ll dive into a cauldron of your favorite sauces. Get ready—and maybe grab some garlic bread to soak it all in. Don’t blame us if you end up with cravings.

Sauce Recipes You Can Make At Home

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This Alfredo recipe is almost as good as ours. So if you want to make it spoon-licking good, go to

Why are marinara, alfredo, and pesto the best sauces? Well, maybe they’re not everyone’s favorites, but they go with just about everything you can imagine: pasta, pizza, casseroles, bread, and more. They can also touch up frozen dinners. They taste delicious (duh!), and they’re even better fresh These three recipes are quick and easy. Remember to adjust the slider for more servings.

Marinara Recipe

This money-saving recipe will become a new family favorite. In just three steps, you’ll have a healthy, savory sauce for parmesan chicken, spaghetti, and more. Feeling fancy? Serve with asiago sausages over fettuccini with parsley and parmesan. Or, just pair it with some mozzarella sticks for a quick snack. Marinara is a flexible sauce. You can throw anything in it to tailor it to your own tastes. Play around with it! Be as creative as you want. Add some heat with hot peppers—who’s stopping you?

Tip: Freeze this sauce to preserve large quantities; it will last forever!

Alfredo Recipe

This creamy recipe is hands-down the best healthy alfredo sauce. It’s so good you could eat it with a spoon (and we won’t tell). Whip it up in just 15 minutes to serve with pasta or even casseroles—although we all know alfredo still goes best with traditional fettuccini.

Spizzicos - Three Sauces Blog - Pesto

This is much easier than people think. Head over to for a great recipe to get you started.

Tip: For a creamier, sweeter sauce, use oat instead of almond milk.

Pesto Recipe

How many ingredients does it take to make pesto? Just seven, according to this recipe. In only 10 minutes, serve this zesty sauce with your choice of pasta, zucchini, and eggplant—or just spread it over garlic bread. Either way, this is the easiest recipe. Ever. Seriously.

Tip: For a toasty flavor, add roasted peppers and toast the pine nuts.

In a Rush? Get Spizzicos

Using one of these sauces in your next pasta dish? Read this post first for expert tips on Italian cooking. Fresh ingredients are tastier, but if you’re in a hurry and want something easy, canned and dried ingredients will do the job. These recipes are making us hungry. How about you? If you got cravings, check out our other tasty recipes!