Top 5 Springtime Spots to Enjoy Your Pizza in Maryland

Hello Spring! Here come the flowers, the sunshine, and the great outdoors. And if you are like most Marylanders, you love spending time outdoors. (And if you are like us, you also love pizza!) So why not combine the two things we love most?! Let’s talk about our favorite spots to bring a slice of pizza in Maryland.

Top 5 Spots to Enjoy Your Pizza in Maryland

Maryland has such a diverse landscape that we have a nickname. But it’s not until spring that we really start to thaw out and explore more of what’s in our own backyard. Make the most of the pleasant weather and the outdoor beauty by taking your Spizzico pizza to one of our favorite spots nearby.

1. Broadneck Park

Grab the kids or your furry friends and have a picnic. Although we do recommend consuming your pizza before entering the dog park. However, you can still sit and enjoy it on a park bench nearby. There are also wonderful paths to walk afterward or have the kids run their energy out at the playground.

2. Annapolis Waterfront

With its historic charm and scenic waterfront, Annapolis is a fabulous place to enjoy a slice of pizza. You can grab a takeout and head to the City Dock. Sit on the benches facing the harbor, watch the boats, and enjoy the gentle breeze with your pizza. The fresh air, sea views, and cheezy slices make for a perfect spring outing.

3. Sandy Point State Park

If you rather avoid downtown but still want waterfront views, head down to Sandy Point. It’s a great place to explore, have a picnic, and have kids run around. You can even use a pavilion and bring more friends. Even better, take your boat with you and launch off with lunch in hand.

4. Maryland World War II Memorial

Need a place that is quiet and away from the hustle and bustle? The Maryland World War II Memorial is a great place to reflect and enjoy some downtime. Overlooking the Severn River, it’s a great place to have some peace of mind and a piece of pie. It’s a serene place to enjoy the outdoors and learn about history.

5. Quiet Waters Park

Quiet Waters Park is another gem in Annapolis, which offers more than just quiet waters. Its extensive grounds feature picnic areas, hiking trails, and panoramic views of the South River. After a stroll or a bike ride, nothing beats sitting down to enjoy a Spizzico pizza while watching the sunset over the river.

Unleash the Flavor of Spizzico Pizza This Spring

Maryland offers diverse and picturesque spots perfect for enjoying the simple pleasures of a good pizza. This spring, make the most of the pleasant weather and outdoor beauty by taking Spizzico pizza to one of our top spots. For more suggestions, visit our blog on alternative places for a pizza night.

Whether you pick up your pizza and head to one of the stunning spots listed above or choose to dine in and savor the flavor, Spizzico guarantees quality and taste. Don’t just eat pizza—enjoy a memorable experience. Visit Spizzico today, grab your pie, and discover the best of Maryland’s springtime charm!